Wix Works with Google to Help Users Get Found Online

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SEO can be one of the hardest things for a small business owner to master, and ranking higher on Google can have a significant impact on small business success. For Wix users, a new tool offers personalized SEO plans that will help them get found on Google.

Called SEO Wiz, the tool creates personalized plans for users to optimize every page of their Wix website. It provides SEO analysis of Wix sites, and offers customized recommendations based on website information and desired keywords.

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“It will give you regular updates every time your website has reached a significant SEO milestone: pages indexed on Google, the number of clicks from search results, etc. You’ll then be able to evaluate your progress along the way,” according to Wix.

Wix worked with the Google Search Console team to allow users to index their websites on Google with a single-click, and connect to Google Search Console to get detailed information about their site’s performance in Google Search.

“We know how important organic traffic is for Wix websites, especially businesses,” Sarig Reichert, Head of Wix Search Products said in a statement. “We believe that Wix has the best SEO solution and with the new SEO Wiz, it is even easier for Wix users to set up their sites and get found online fast. The product integration with Google Search Console further advances the ability for our users to be found on the world’s most popular search engine.”

“It’s been exciting to work closely with Wix on making sure that great content can be submitted to Google Search with one click in the SEO Wiz tool,” Michael Fink, Search Console Product Lead said. “We’d like to expand this partnership model, following the remarkable success of the Wix collaboration.”

The new service comes several months after Wix acquired online art community DeviantArt.

Earlier this year, United Internet acquired a minority stake in software company rankingCoach to help grow its SEO solutions internationally.

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