SingleHop Offers Cloud SafetyNet for Emergency Preparedness

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SingleHop has launched a free virtual private cloud environment to protect Veeam Cloud Connect Backup customers from infrastructure failures preventing them from accessing or restoring their Veeam cloud backups. The SafetyNet environment will be available within 24 hours of a disaster, and can be used as a production site for free for 30 days, SingleHop announced Wednesday.

With its higher recovery time and point objective (RTPO), SafetyNet is meant as an emergency preparedness compliment to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), SingleHop said. DRaaS from Veeam was launched by SingleHop at the beginning of 2016, extending the partnership between the two companies, as well as SingleHop’s play for the business continuity market, which has been a major growth area for the company.

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“We designed SafetyNet for the millions of businesses that understand the value of backing up data offsite but either want an extra layer of infrastructure protection or do not yet have the resources for a more robust disaster recovery tool,” said Jordan Jacobs, vice president of products at SingleHop. “As a partner to our customers, we never want to see downtime threaten their businesses’ survival. SafetyNet can not only help to mitigate those worst-case scenarios, it initiates conversations around next steps for bulletproofing business continuity plans across the board.”

SingleHop cites a Ponemon Institute statistic pegging the average cost per minute of downtime at $7,900 in 2013, and rising quickly. The company also points out the potential for natural or data center disaster to render backups unavailable.

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When a SingleHop Cloud Backup customer contacts SingleHop to initiate the SafetyNet restore, SingleHop provisions a virtual private cloud with 128 GB RAM and 32 cores, then restores data and operations for critical VMs, and allows the customer to configure networking and firewall rules using vCloud Director. As an emergency-only environment, the SafetyNet VPC cannot be pre-provisioned or pre-configured.

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