Report: Availability of Top U.S. Websites Improves in Q1 2017

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Forty-four percent of the top 100,000 websites in the U.S. by site visits reached or exceeded “four nines” availability in Q1 2017, according to CloudEndure’s latest downtime report.

The 15 percent increase in sites with at least 99.99 percent uptime is one of several indications of improved availability in the quarter, not just compared to the Q4 2016, in which the Dyn DDoS attack significantly impacted the availability of many sites, but also compared to several recent quarters.

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Only 18 percent of the top 100,000 websites had 99.99 percent or better availability in Q1 2016, and the number of sites with 99 percent or less availability fell from 30 to 20 percent Q1 2016 to Q1 2017, though only 18 percent had so much downtime in Q2 2016.

The number of top sites with no downtime was the highest it has been in a year (17 percent), and an additional 63 percent had three (36 percent) or four nines (27 percent) availability. That represents a 4 percent increase in the number of sites with 99.9 percent or better uptime.

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Fortune 1000 company websites also had improved uptime in the quarter, with 48 percent achieving four nines or better availability. Over half of Fortune 1000 companies had no downtime in Q2 2016, compared to only 18 percent in Q1 2017, but those with four nines availability or better improved from 35 percent in Q4 2016 to 48 percent in the latest quarter. The top 1000 websites by traffic fared even better, with 65 percent achieving four nines of uptime, and over half of them experiencing no disruptions.

The generally positive uptime results came during a quarter in which there were significant outages caused by an AWS S3 disruption and, of course, DDoS attacks.

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