Kim Dotcom Sues New Zealand Government over Illegal Raids, Spying

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Kim Dotcom is suing the New Zealand government for $4 million dollars for the raid of his mansion last year in connection to an investigation on the now defunct Megaupload.

The lawsuit has been filed in Auckland’s high court by Dotcom, his wife, and four others.

The search warrants used in the raid on Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion last year were founded to be illegal as they “did not adequately describe the offences to which they related.” Last year, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, admitted that the surveillance on Dotcom ahead of the raid was outside the scope of the Government Communications Security Bureau’s powers.

A spokesperson for Dotcom told the Wall Street Journal that the reason for filing the lawsuit was to get more information about what led to the spying and the raids, and that any money raised through the lawsuit would be donated to charity.

Dotcom has been a vocal opponent against New Zealand’s recently passed surveillance laws, which authorities sought to change after it was uncovered that the GCSB illegally spied on Dotcom. As a New Zealand resident, he should have been off limits to the agency under legislation that prevented it from snooping on citizens.

Last year, on the anniversary of his arrest, Dotcom launched Mega, a new encrypted cloud storage service, designed to be safe from government spying. Recently, Mega added a New Zealand storage node to broaden the scope of its customer base.

Dotcom continues to wait extradition to the US.

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