Italy Gives Google 18 Months to Comply with User Privacy Regulations

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Google has 18 months to change the way it treats user data in Italy in order to meet privacy regulations in the country.

The Italian Data Protection Authority (IDPA), based in Rome, told Google that it has to ask users for their prior consent to use personal data, and clarify that the data is used for profiling and commercial purposes, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

While the IDPA said that Google has made progress in meeting local privacy policies since Italy and other European nations began a joint inquiry into Google’s privacy policies last year, it is still not adequately disclosing to users how their data is being treated.

In April, Google updated its Terms of Service, outlining the ways in which it uses customer data and shares it with its partners.

The regulator also said that Google will have to honor requests from users to delete their personal data be met in up to two months, according to a report by Reuters.

Google has responded by promising to release a roadmap at the end of September that will outline its next steps in complying with the privacy regulations.

In Europe, privacy regulators have invited Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others to discuss the recent decision around the right to be forgotten this week. At the end of June, Google had already processed 70,000 right to be forgotten requests.

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