ICANN Bulk Transfers Domains from Dynamic Dolphin to BigRock

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A bulk transfer of gTLD domain names from Dynamic Dolphin, Inc. to BigRock Solutins Ltd. was authorized by ICANN on Tuesday. The move was announced in a release by ICANN, which had released a Notice of Termination of Dynamic Dolphin’s gTLD accreditation last Friday.

BigRock was selected to receive and manage the gTLDs through ICANNs De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure.  Former Dynamic Dolphin customers will receive notice of the transfer and instructions on how to proceed from BigRock.

Registrants whose domain names are affected do not have to pay a fee for the transfer, however ICANNs Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy includes some conditions for this kind of transfer which are different than usual. Registrants will still be able to transfer again, from BigRock to another accredited gTLD registrar, but may have to wait up to 60 days to do so.

The reason given by ICANN for the termination of Dynamic Dolphin’s accreditation was given as “Dynamic Dolphin’s material misrepresentation, material inaccuracy, or materially misleading statement in its application for accreditation or any material accompanying the application, in violation of Section 5.3.1 of the RAA.”

The initial request for information by ICANN in February of 2103 was related to proof of payment from three customers, but as a series of emails, phone calls, conference calls, and reviews of records supplied more questions instead of answers, the scope of ICANN’s concerns evolved. By June ICANN was asking Dynamic Dolphin for information about its ownership, and any legal proceedings it may be involved with, and in August it asked specifically about the company’s failure to disclose either the role of CEO Scott Richter or his felony conviction related to financial activities, as well as other problems.

ICANN registrars have been caught in difficult legal positions several times this year, such as those companies which suspended the domains of alleged UK torrent sites in October, and may have violated ICANN policy by following a police directive.

Their plight is very unlike Dynamic Dolphin’s, which appears to have been in violation of ICANN policy from the time of its application for accreditation all the way until at least October of this year.

ICANN accreditation is vital to the businesses model of many hosts, but ICANN accreditation is not often terminated.  In 2011 Blue Gravity and Moozooy domain names were bulk transferred to NamesBeyond.

BigRock will likely not retain all of the transferred domain names, but by gaining the over 13 thousand domain names previously registered and managed by Dynamic Dolphins, it is likely to benefit from a few new customers, as well as the implicit vote of confidence from ICANN. BigRock launched a web design marketplace last September.

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