5 Stories You Need to Read Now to Understand the IANA Transition

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If you work in the web hosting and domains industry, it is very likely you’ve been following the debate around the IANA transition. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) added fuel to the fire during a hearing last week where he argued that the IANA transition to a multi-stakeholder model “poses real risks to the liberties of Americans.” Now GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump seems to be agreeing with Cruz. So how much truth is there to Cruz’s claims, and how do the experts on either side of the political spectrum view the IANA transition?

Here are five articles you need to read now to get up to speed on the issue. If you have any must-reads to add, please do so in the comments.

  1. Don’t Believe the Claims That the U.S. Is Giving Away the Internet

This article on MIT Technology Review provides an excellent overview of what led to the IANA transition, and why Cruz’s claims are misguided.

  1. Can Icann Bridge Cruz-Trump Divide?

Donald Trump backed Cruz’s effort to block the Oct. 1 transfer of authority to ICANN. A spokesperson for Trump said that he is “committed to preserving Internet freedom for the American people and citizens all over the world.”

  1. Opposition gets facts wrong on ICANN’s security committee and the IANA transition

The IANA transition does not “have any effect on the security and stability of website owners worldwide,” according to an editorial on The Hill co-written by ICANN members.

  1. Breaking Nonsense: Ted Cruz, IANA Transition and the Irony of Life

Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Professor Emeritus at the University of Aarhus, argues that a failure of the IANA transition could “trigger a process towards re-nationalization of the borderless cyberspace and Ted Cruz would go into the Internet history books as the ‘Father of the Internet Fragmentation.’”

  1. Republicans want to attach Ted Cruz’s internet governance language to the government-funding bill. It could blow up in their faces.

Anne Hobson of R Street details why Republicans should be wary of jumping on Cruz’s bandwagon, and why you do not have to be pro-ICANN to support the transition:  “ICANN (formally, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is not a perfect organization. Among other things, it should be more transparent, have more accountability mechanisms and do a better job limiting mission creep.”

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