Legal Issues

I Want My Money Back

Can users make a case that you’re offering more than you deliver? Bret A. Fausett steps you through reviewing your terms of service agreement. Read More

Privacy Certified

Savvy users will see right through the escape clauses in your privacy policy. Bret A. Fausett has a better idea: Give them some protection, and get their business. Read More

Coping with COPPA

COPPA is the first privacy bill to come out of Washington. If your site collects personal data from children, make sure you understand the FTC compliance requirements. Read More

Legal Issues for Virtual Teams

With the advent of the Internet entire teams can now be spread out across continents, communicating entirely through email, phone, and instant messenger. But getting this kind of staff together and making it work can be a challenge. Read More

When Intra Becomes Extra

Bret A. Fausett warns: Going public is great, unless embarrassing internal documents are involved. Remind employees that discretion protects them, too. Read More

GPL, Legally Speaking

Whether you’re a software provider, IT manager, or attorney advising clients on Open Source software, you must understand the General Public License (GPL). Larry explains its intricacies… Read More

Cease and Desist

Bret A. Fausett warns that sending a sternly worded cease-and-desist letter to protect your trademark may cause more problems than it solves. Read More

Europe Slow To Adopt Data Protection Act

April 4, 2001 — E-commerce has long been heralded in Europe as an excellent way to promote cross-border trade. Many business owners have cited the Internet as an excellent avenue to increase product exposure and attract new customers. Read More