Cloud Computing

Atlantic.Net Taps Trend Micro for Managed Hosting Security

Atlantic.Net has tapped Trend Micro to back its Managed Hosting Solutions with the Deep Security Suite, the company announced Monday. Trend Micro’s data center and cloud-optimized security techniques are now available to Atlantic.Net managed hosting customers to protect their servers by applying an instant “virtual patch” to servers, virtual desktops,… Read More

How to Use AI to Serve Your Customers Better

Among the early benefits of artificial intelligence systems, machine learning and natural language processing have the potential to transform customer service processes that are too often frustrating for customers and expensive for web hosts and service providers. A number of tools are currently available to enable companies to overhaul their… Read More

Comcast and AT&T Say They Support Open Internet — With Caveats

But the fight over net neutrality isn’t being waged by normal people, it’s being waged by lawyers deep in the weeds of regulatory law. To their eyes, there are big differences between the definition of net neutrality used by Comcast and AT&T, and the one used by most other participants in the day of action. Read More

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