This is the Longest Domain Name Sold in 2016


Though short domain names are more memorable and in high-demand, domain names can technically be up to 63 characters in length.

According to Sedo, in part because of their lower demand, long domains are much cheaper than short domains.

The longest domain sold in 2016 through Sedo was

The longest domain sold through Sedo last year was $250USD.

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The highest price tag among domains sold through Sedo in 2016 was, which sold for $375,000 USD.

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In 2015, the longest domain sold through Sedo was, which beats out this years’ longest domain by three characters.

Here are the five longest domains sold in 2016, according to Sedo:

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  2. Wondering if they registered the domain just to break the next record. I guess some day this long domains like comcomcom & xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyz will get a million dollar value (internet is unpredictable). And here an article I about some of the Domain Names sold for huge profit: