WHIR TV: RagingWire’s Sacramento, California Data Center Video Tour

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Recently, WHIR TV had the opportunity to tour the Sacramento, California facility of data center provider RagingWire, a monstrous campus known as The Rock including two buildings totaling 500,000 square feet, and focusing on innovation and efficiency in its power and cooling infrastructure, and its connectivity. We produced a pretty compelling data center video you can view above.

RagingWire’s data center footprint is growing, both in Sacramento and elsewhere. The company announced in February that it had secured $140 million in revolving credit to help finance its expansion. In October, RagingWire acquired land in Ashburn, Virginia to build a data center.

Among its customers, which include large enterprises and dot-com companies, RagingWire supplies data center space to the hosting business. In June, cloud hosting provider DreamHost became a customer of RagingWire’s existing Virginia facility.

The data center is remarkable for its size, incorporating two large structures totaling 500,000 square feet of total building space, with raised floor space being deployed in phases as demand requires. When fully completed, the facility will include more than 200,000 square feet of raised floor space.

Each phase of the computing rooms also has an unusually high ceiling, with most stretching into ranges of more than 30 feet, which has some cooling advantages.

One of the facility’s most interesting characteristics is its location in Sacramento, California. A bit removed from the data center hotspot of the Bay Area. As RagingWire’s William Dougherty explains in the video, though just a short drive from San Francisco, the facility is on a separate tectonic plate that protects it from the danger posed by earthquakes.

The power infrastructure is one of the real points of differentiation for the Sacramento Raging Wire data center, explains Jason Weckworth, in the video. The company has two power infrastructure patents of its own, which help it to deliver 2N+2 redundancy at the rack level. The first is an isolated redundant bypass system that enables the company to move live load between UPS systems, which means that Raging Wire can maintain UPS redundancy while it performs maintenance on a single UPS. It uses the same system to maintain redundancy in its generators.

The other patent is a distributed redundancy system that enables the company to transfer live load between UPS systems, enabling the company to more easily expand, and more easily handle power issues without disruption to customer environments.

One more extremely interesting feature of RagingWire is that the company is a family-owned business, as explained by CFO Mark Morrow in the video – one that is well situated financially and in a great position to continue serving customers, he says.

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Talk back: what do you think of RagingWire’s Sacramento, California data center? Are you interested in the location as a potential alternative to Bay Area data center space? What do you think of the company’s unique design features? Let us know in the comments.

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