WHIR Demo: WebsPlanet Eclipse Website Builder

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The observant among you will likely notice that this week’s Monday Demo is coming out on Tuesday, owing to an especially hectic schedule this week. Apologies for the deviation from what we can only hope is an expectation at this point, but let’s get on with the actual content.

This week’s demo was presented by Robert Priscu of WebsPlanet, a software company that has been providing a pretty advanced WYSIWYG website building tool for years, but has only recently refocused its efforts a little more directly on the hosting service provider market.

Two weeks ago, at World Hosting Days in Germany, WebsPlanet announced that it was offering the Eclipse website builder to hosting providers, following an integration with the ecommerce storefront builder Ecwid (another product we’ll be posting a video demo for in the coming weeks).

WebsPlanet’s Eclipse launch came a little after the recent publication of our feature on five website builders popular with web hosting companies, but it’s a further entry into a market that offers web hosts a lot of choice.

Talk back: comments, questions, concerns? Intrigued by the Eclipse demo? Want to find out more? Let us know in the comments section.

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