WHIR Demo: Ecwid Shopping Cart Software

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In the last few months, shopping cart software has focused its attention on the hosting space – a shift probably due at least in part to the investment in the company by Runa Capital, an investment firm with a lot of hosting industry expertise that seems focused on software that could be effectively distributed via the hosting channel.

But Ecwid isn’t an entirely new piece of software. The company has been developing and distributing its simple widget-based shopping cart application for some time now, and has established itself as the most popular tool for building storefronts on Facebook.

In a video demo with the WHIR, Ecwid senior business development manager Dmitry Verbichenko takes us through the tool, showing how simple it is for a customer (potentially a hosting customer) to create a storefront and install it on a website, Facebook and other locations.

He also demonstrates how easily the tool integrates with CMS tools, specifically demonstrating the flow of Ecwid with partner tool Yola.

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