VIDEO: WHIR Events, Phoenix, AZ – September 20, 2012

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Looks like I’m a victim of the fact that our video hosting service takes it upon itself to choose a still image to use as a thumbnail, in this case. I may look like just a bit of an idiot up there – eyes closed, lips puckered, hand clumsily outstretched. Hopefully, for my sake, our update will take effect sooner than later. But then again, if you happened to see this before the change, hey, I hope you enjoyed it.

Anyway, Back in September, the WHIR team was down in Phoenix, Arizona for another one of our WHIR Networking Events, at Mabel’s on Main, a pretty standard bar with one mysterious secret (it’s a secret door in a bookcase. It’s cool, but it’s not actually that mysterious – good bar though). We had a great turnout again, and from what I could tell based on the attendees that I talked to and the general vibe that I attempted to interpret, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

As usual, I spent some time talking to our sponsors, for WHIR TV, and we’ve got the product of those conversations in the video above.

James Raquepau from Parallels talked about the in-beta Parallels Cloud Automation product, and how it can enable some new business models for hosting providers. Christi Gaylor from Black Lotus talked about the company’s AP2 program, and how well that revenue-sharing partnership program has been working for the company. And Jon Gilbert and Kris Lavallee from e-Onlinedata discussed how the company designs its solutions and processes to make it as easy as possible for hosting partners to work with them.

Thanks again to all our terrific sponsors for making the event possible. These things are free to attend, but of course they’re not free to put on, and we simply wouldn’t be able to do them without the help of sponsors.

We’re getting close to wrapping up our WHIR Events schedule for the year. Our next event is in New York City, tonight, as a matter of fact. And we’ll be heading to Raleigh, North Carolina next month. We’ll be back again in 2013 with a whole new slate of events, which you can already see on our events page, so check it out and plan to be at a couple. Hope to see you there.

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