VIDEO: WebsPlanet, Hostway talk Website Building Software Partnership

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Back at HostingCon in July, WHIR TV had the opportunity to talk with website building software provider WebsPlanet and web hosting provider Hostway as they launched a new partnership that would see Hostway distribute the WebsPlanet software Eclipse to its hosting customers.

WebsPlanet and Hostway announced their plans for Hostway to offer customers the website building tool back in April of this year.

In the conversation with WHIR TV, Hostway VP of partner services Todd Benjamin discusses the process Hostway went through in seeking out a solution for advancing the level of website building software sophistication it offered its hosting customers to include some of the modern functionality of a product like Eclipse.

Moshe Livne, president at WebsPlanet, talks a bit about the functions of the company’s website building software – which WebsPlanet describes as a “web presence platform” – particularly its focus on delivering to the three key end-points of the website itself, Facebook and the mobile website.

Livne says WebsPlanet has been a popular tool among directory businesses like yellow pages services, partly because of its variety of modes of deployment, which includes an “automatic site creation” function that enables them to offer prospective customers a pre-built custom website, as well as “do it yourself” and “do it for me” modes.

According to Livne, Hostway is WebsPlanet’s first big partnership in the hosting space, a deal he hopes will be a proving ground for the company’s Eclipse website building software, and could turn out to be a stepping stone to other significant deployments in the hosting space.

Talk back: Is Hostway a big partner win for WebsPlanet? Do you think the website building sofwtare is making important in-roads in a competitive environment? Are you interested in Eclipse as a product? Do you think it’s the right product move for Hostway? Let us know in the comments.

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