VIDEO: Troy McCasland of Attracta on SEO Software for Hosting Providers

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At the cPanel Conference in October, Troy McCasland of SEO software provider Attracta sat down with WHIR TV to talk about the Attracta tools, the work the company has done to better integrate Attracta into the hosting customer buy-path, and some work the company had done to develop the most effective pricing model for hosting customers.

McCasland and Aaron Phillips of cPanel recently talked to WHIR TV about the integration between cPanel and the Attracta SEO software – the first time a third-party tool has been built into the hosting control panel software.

cPanel first announced that it would be integrating the Attracta SEO software tools in March of 2012, though the integration process was gradual.

McCasland says Attracta has recently completed an API that lets web hosting partners to offer Attracta to customers as they’re making the initial purchase of web hosting services – offering a guaranteed Google listing with a product that costs $14.99.

For hosting customers, that makes sure their new site is listed in Google – and McCasland says that’s among the most significant factors to customers of hosting services. After all, everybody who buys a website wants to make sure that it is found in search engines, a process that can take months without some effective SEO effort. McCasland says Attracta is seeing a high take rate through the new integration.

He adds that the tool can be a great end-user experience for hosting customers, and can have a big impact on the sorts of “why isn’t my site in Google” calls many hosting providers can face from inexperienced customers of their services.

Talk back: Are you a user of cPanel, Attracta, or both? Have you tried out the tools for integrating Attracta into the buy path? Do you see a demand for SEO services among your customers? Let us know in the comments.

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