VIDEO: ProfitBricks CEOs Describe the Next Generation Cloud

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On Monday, cloud hosting provider ProfitBricks launched its “next generation cloud” infrastructure as service offering in the US (following its European launch by several months), challenging IaaS market leaders Amazon and Rackspace on both price and performance.

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At HostingCon in August, ProfitBricks CEO Achim Weiss and US CEO Robert Rizika spoke to WHIR TV about some of the design philosophy and engineering work that went into to building what they describe as a next generation of cloud hosting.

ProfitBricks was founded by Weiss, along with Andreas Gauger, with whom he also co-founded mass-market web hosting giant 1&1 Internet.

In the video interview, Weiss and Rizika discuss ProfitBricks’ infrastructure as a service cloud offering in comparison to current-gen cloud services. Its advantages, they say, include: its live vertical scaling, which enables a customer’s instance to scale automatically to up to 48 CPU cores and up to 196 GB of RAM, and eliminates the need to over-provision; it’s graphical user interface, which enables customers to build out their virtual data center architecture via a Visio-like drag-and-drop tool, then easily deploy that architecture; per-minute pricing; and a high-performance network based on virtualized InfiniBand technology.

The US launch introduces the next generation cloud product to the North American market following a months-long beta program in the USA.

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