VIDEO: GlowTouch VP of Operations Russ Broomell Talks Parallels Automation on AWS

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Earlier this month at Parallels Summit 2013 in Las Vegas, the WHIR had a chance to talk to GlowTouch Technologies VP of operations Russ Broomell about its new offering, Parallels Automation on Amazon Web Services.

GlowTouch worked with Parallels and AWS to offer a full Parallels Automation implementation on AWS, which Broomell describes in the interview as a “normal, soup to nuts PA installation,” much like a web host would have.

In the video, Broomell describes the new technology that enabled Parallels Automation to be run on AWS, and how Amazon views its relationship with web hosting providers.

GlowTouch is currently offering a free demo on its website for running Parallels Automation on Amazon Web Services.

Talk back: What do think of running Parallels Automation on AWS? Do you agree with how Broomell explains Amazon’s view of hosting providers? Let us know in a comment.

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