Video Demo: Yola Website Building Software


For this week’s Monday WHIR video demo, Mada Seghete of website building tool developer (and consequently mass-market hosting provider) Yola takes us through the ultra-simple website building technology that has led to the company having more than 6 million users around the world.

Along with a simple website building tool that can also be used to create mobile websites and customize Facebook pages, Yola provides a simple ecommerce shopping cart tool through a partnership with the subject of last week’s demo, Ecwid.

Yola has a few partnership opportunities for web hosting providers, which means that if you’re looking for a website builder to offer your customers, Yola could be the company you partner with.

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  1. Nice overview. If anyone is interested in my review which is unbiased, you can view it here: I think Yola is one of the best website builders I've reviewed so far.

  2. mythjen

    Hello, Yola! I inadvertently had some friends out-of-town sign up and become Yola customers. Don't let them down, okay? Best regards!

  3. garantizaria para los latinos un video español por que a muchos de los que manejamos el negocio por este medio nos interesa

  4. entre mas usuarios tenga una pagina es mas relevante para el sitio!!!

  5. yola esta bueno el video de demostracion

    • Gracias me ha servido mucho este vídeo de manejo del software