New WHIR TV Video: Infratel Talks ClickConnect Click-to-Call Tool

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Telephony software company Infratel recently broke out the ClickConnect portion of its Infra Cloud Receptionist product out as a separate product, due to its popularity as an entry-level tool for hosting customers.

At HostingCon in July, WHIR TV had a chance to talk to Infratel sales director Craig Ball about the nature of the separate ClickConnect product, how it works as a value-add and a profit opportunity for hosting providers, and an offering that can make their services stickier.

The Infra Cloud Receptionist, says Ball, is a hosted telephony service designed to enable very small buinesses to better handle incoming phone calls, and appear more professional while doing so. The popular ClickConnect tool provides an easily installed website button that lets users call the website operator on the phone via the web browser.

Infratel, he says, has designed the services (both ClickConnect and the whole receptionist suite) to be distributed by hosting providers, because of the large potential market for the services among their small business customers.

Earlier this week, Infratel announced that it had secured a Series A round of funding from investors Prostor Capital and the hosting industry-focused Runa Capital.

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