Interview: WebsPlanet and Verio Talk SMB Needs at HostingCon

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Verio partnered with WebsPlanet to provide online presence solutions to its small and medium-sized business customers in June, and the WHIR talked to both companies at HostingCon 2013 about their mutually beneficial partnership.

In an interview with the WHIR, Joe Patterson, VP of sales and strategy, North America at WebsPlanet, talked about the company’s background in the directories business and how it has brought that knowledge to serving web hosts and their SMB customers.

“The directory publishing business allowed us to understand not only the best practices from a bundling standpoint, to what offerings are successful, but also the worst practices,” Patterson said. “Being able to share that with those customers, those partners as we like to call them, really makes us a trusted adviser to those partners because we can share our knowledge, where we’ve fallen down in the past, and what now works well.”

Jim Ciampaglio, senior director, business development, Verio talked about the company’s core customer base of SMBs and how the partnership with WebsPlanet helps to serve their specific business needs.

“As we looked at WebsPlanet and WebsPlanet tools, we thought that they were able to address and build value on things that SMBs are demanding today,” Ciampaglio said.

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