Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Demo Video on WHIR TV

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In this week’s WHIR TV demo video, Flexiant founder and senior VP of product development, Tony Lucas, takes us through the company’s Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software, platform for delivering infrastructure as a service, designed specifically around the needs and requirements of the hosting service provider.

In late November, Flexiant announced the 3.0 version of its cloud orchestration software, introducing a new set of licensing options designed specifically around the hosting and service provider models, which the company says make up the entirety of its target market.

Among the various cloud platform software options out here, Flexiant’s cloud orchestrator version distinguishes itself by being one of the very few focused specifically on the hosting market, a focus that is reflected in the software’s options for customization, integration with other existing hosting market tools, and functions for managing reseller relationships.

In the demo, Lucas takes us through the end user interface for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 3.0. One of the important characteristics he points out is that the entire user interface is completely customizable around the needs of a particular service provider’s customers, relying on a set of widgets to create the display and relate information about their cloud environment.

He demonstrates the basic functions of the interface, spinning up a new cloud server, and taking us through the main management console for the server once it is active. He highlights many of the functions of that piece of the interface, including security and network configuration options.

The video demonstrates a live cloud server in action, being deployed and accessed via the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator interface. Lucas also demonstrates how to use the software to create server images for the easy duplication of server setups and to share those server images with other users.

Finally, he quickly touches on the platform’s tools for performing management actions on multiple servers, a useful function as the volume of resources under the management of a given customer grows.

If you’re interested in avenues into the cloud hosting space for hosting service providers, you might want to check out our December WHIR Webinar with Lucas, who talks about the journey into the cloud, based on his experiences with the hosting business Xcalibre, which led to the creation of the cloud tools that became Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

Watch the webinar here: A Hosting Company’s Journey into Cloud Services

Talk back: Are you interested in the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator software? Are you currently investigating platforms for building a cloud hosting service? Do you find the needs of service providers are regularly addressed by these kinds of cloud tools? Let us know in the comments.

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