eNom VP Chris Sheridan on New TLDs and the Hosting Business

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At the Parallels Summit in Las Vegas, WHIR TV had the opportunity to speak with Chris Sheridan of eNom, wholesale provider of domain names and other Internet services, on some of the new challenges and opportunities the domain space will present to hosting providers in the next few months.

ICANN is building up to introducing the first round of new TLDs approved during a process that has seen nearly two thousand proposals submitted and could see hosting providers delivering new domains to customers as products later this year.

Enom is getting out in front of the launch by bringing out some new tools for the hosting service providers who might want, not necessarily to leap headlong into selling new TLDs, but to accumulate insight into what their customers might want through a watch list and other tools.

Hosts, and other resellers of eNom’s services, are most likely at the point where the most important connection relating to new TLDs is “how can I get involved,” or “can I turn these into products?” The watchlist, says Sheridan, allows a host’s customers to signal to the service provider that they’re interested not just generally in a given TLD, but in a specific domain. Hosts who can collect enough of that kind of data will have great insight into the TLDs that might have the most value for their specific customer bases.

Given the context of the conversation (the Parallels Summit), Sheridan was also happy to discuss eNom’s integration of its new TLD solutions with the Parallels Plesk control panel, and the Parallels Domain Name Network. Parallels’ tools are among the most popular used by hosting providers in the delivery of some of eNom’s services, so the integration of the new TLD tools will make bringing those functions to end users pretty seamless.

Talk back: Are you looking for insight into how you might be able to profit from new TLDs in the coming year? Are you interested in tools like the watchlist Sheridan describes in the video? Are you an eNom reseller? Let us know in the comments.

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