DEMO VIDEO: Idera Continuous Data Protection (Part 1)

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Very recently, we shared a video interview in which Amy Muehleman, director of demand generation at Idera discussed the well-known backup software firm R1soft’s transition from a separate brand into a part of the larger parent company, Idera.

In that video, Muehleman discusses how nothing much will change for hosting partners of R1soft, aside from the branding and the company’s website, as Idera will continue providing R1soft’s continuous data protection tools to and through web hosting providers.

In today’s demo video, we take a closer look at those backup tools, as Brian Winebarger, of Idera demonstrates some of the functions of the company’s continuous data protection platform, focusing on the multi-tenant features web hosting providers can use to deliver data protection to their customers.

He also discusses the tool’s “virtual full backup” approach, which creates a full backup of a given “agent” server, and then with each new backup, saves just the changes since the last, enabling an ongoing and efficient backing up of server data.

This demo will continue next week with a Part 2, so stay tuned for another WHIR demo on Monday.

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