Business Networking Events Video – October 2012 – New York City

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On October 18, 2012, the WHIR team went down (we’re in Canada, so just about everything’s going to be “down”) to New York City for another of our WHIR networking events.

We took this year’s New York networking event back to The Park, a great venue in Chelsea that we’ve hosted several events at in the past. New York is always good for a nice turnout, and we had another great event (I even got to visit the beautiful New York City vehicle impound lot, which, incidentally, has a FourSquare check-in).

As usual, I had an opportunity to speak to our sponsors, each of which had some interesting things to say about new trends in their businesses, and how they’re working to tailor their services to fit the web hosting world. And we’ve got the interviews in this month’s video.

Jon Gilbert of payment processor e-OnlineData talks about the differences between the company’s simple reseller program and its deeper white label program, which enables hosting providers to set their customers up with merchant accounts directly, while still being underwritten by e-OnlineData.

Christine Gaylor of DDoS mitigation provider BlackLotus talks about the company’s new, simplified pricing for mitigation services. The company now offers a simple “guaranteed” protection tier in which customers are billed based on their clean traffic, and are guaranteed protection against DDoS attacks. For massive, critical (and very rare) volumes of attack traffic, BlackLotus has another tier of pricing.

And Alex Danyluk of Parallels talks about the development of the company’s Application Packaging Standard, the big growth the company has seen in software developers packaging their tools using the APS, and what that can mean in terms of the opportunity for hosting providers with services based on Parallels products to add value.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event for showing us a good time. And of course, thank you to all of our sponsors for making the event possible in the first place. These things are free, and the food and drinks flow, so they’re not cheap to put on, and our sponsors really make it happen.

Our WHIR web hosting business networking events schedule wraps up this week in Raleigh, North Carolina (November 15 – you can register for free at the sign-up page). And we’ll be back next year with a whole new series of great hosting industry networking events. Check the website for the schedule.

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