BetterLinux Web Hosting Software CEO Matt Heaton on WHIR TV


Back at the cPanel conference in October, WHIR TV had the opportunity to talk to Matt Heaton, CEO of BetterLinux, about the company’s newly launched web hosting software, its functions, and the opportunity it presents for hosting providers.

Heaton says the BetterLinux platform grew out of technology developed while he was CEO and founder of shared hosting company BlueHost (BlueHost was acquired by Endurance International Group in early 2011). He says CloudLinux is designed to help hosting companies better manage how resources are shared between hosting customers on multi-tenant servers.

BlueHost, says Heaton, regularly had issues with shared hosting customers overloading on CPU usage or disk I/O, which could crash servers or create performance problems for other hosting customers located on those same servers. At the time, BlueHost developed software to address those issues, and that software was spun out into what is now Better Linux when the company was acquired.

For hosting providers deploying the BetterLinux web hosting software, Heaton says the direct result is performance. BetterLinux, he says, can increase the density of customers on a given server by an average of about three times.

The results of the stability and performance improvements, he says, are fewer support calls from customers whose services aren’t performing, meaning an overall reduction in the burden on support teams, and happier customers in general, which can reduce churn.

BetterLinux is a brand new product, having launched a beta version at HostingCon in the summer, and going into general availability a few weeks ago at the cPanel event. Pricing is pretty simple, BetterLinux charges $9 per month, per server.

Talk back: Have you heard about the BetterLinux web hosting software yet? Are you facing some of the challenges Heaton describes? Are you looking for solutions to some of your performance issues? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It's been quite a while that better linux is free.. I am just wondering, will they charge later on, once they have gotten the volume of customers they needed...

  2. BetterLinux released for CentOS 6.0 to 6.3 while many from our servers will use CentOS 6.4 Final version. :)

  3. I would like to see some benchmarks and/or comparison charts listing other, older alternatives like 1H and CloudLinux. :)