ZNetLive Implements GlobalSign’s CloudSSL to Bring SSL to Shared Hosting Cutomers

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Indian host ZNetLive has implemented GlobalSign’s CloudSSL and Server Name Indication solution, which will greatly increase its security certificate coverage, the companies announced this week. The GlobalSign solution allows a single IP address to host multiple SSL certificates, which allows ZNetLive to offer more certificates despite decreasing availability of IPv4 addresses.

ZNetLive CEO and founder Munesh Singh says the implementation will allow the company to grow its SSL customer base by 55 percent or more.

“Our solution was designed to break down the barriers of reselling SSL by addressing operational complexities,” said Paul van Brouwershaven, Business Development Director, GlobalSign. “By enabling multiple SSL Certificates to be hosted on a single IP, GlobalSign and ZNetLive aim to increase the usage of SSL Certificates so that end customers can fully benefit from the SSL opportunity without having to spend money on dedicated IP adresses.”

Providing the security assurance of an SSL certificate to customers while paying the reduced cost of a shared hosting plan may be appealing not just to the fast-growing Indian SMB market, but the broader SMB market as well.

Concerns about security and how to assure end-users have prompted many of the busiest sites on the web to increase their use of certificates since the beginning of last year, and security and optimization provider CloudFlare announced plans on New Year’s Eve 2013 to double the number of SSL-protected sites on the web in 2014.

While SSL certificates are not the only way to improve website security, their established track record and growing popularity make them potentially valuable to hosts looking to add value to bundles or sell add-on services.

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  1. cPanel has also created a module using which there is no need for dedicated IP for SSL certificates. SSL certificate can be installed on a shared IP/domain using this module.