ZNet Property IconCube Launches Web Design Services for Web Hosts

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Outsourced web hosting support and server management provider IconCube announced on Thursday that it has added web design services to its portfolio. Parent company ZNet Technologies launched IconCube in December 2011.

Headquartered in India, IconCube provides server setup and management, data center management, cloud solutions, disaster recovery, database management and more. Its latest website design offering is aimed at web hosting businesses. The sites use WHMCS, and support Resellerclub, Logicboxes, cPanel and Plesk API integrations.

This news comes a week after ZNet Technologies released a new website WHMCSExtras to offer web hosts WHMCS addons to enhance the billing platform. Clearly, ZNet and its properties are looking to establish a WHMCS expertise with these ventures. The website design services seem to be fit for a smaller web hosting company that may not necessarily have the expertise in house. IconCube designed ZNet’s new website which looks very similar to many web hosting sites, with pages divided by service and some idea of pricing on the home page.

Web design is a popular value-add for web hosting providers to offer their customers, but IconCube is realizing the upsell potential to sell this type of service to hosting providers themselves along with other services like server management.

The web design plan with WHMCS costs $2000 plus tax as the base price, so it would cost a web hosting provider $2206 US.

Domains and web hosting can be integrated, but a web hosting company would presumably be able to take care of this part of their site themselves.

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