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ZNet Launches WHMCSExtras Site for Web Hosting Billing Platform Addons

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Web hosting provider ZNet Technologies announced on Friday that it has released a new website WHMCSExtras to offer web hosts WHMCS addons.

ZNet says WHMCSExtras focuses on enhancing the WHMCS billing platform with four Admin area addons, including a renewal addon, upsell addon, partner addon and client profile addon. It charges for its addons separately, and offers a lease or own option. It is also offering a 7-day free trial for each addon.

The new addons appear to be different from what WHMCS offers, and ZNet says its site is in no way affiliated with WHMCS. The addons could provide web hosts that use WHMCS as their billing platform with additional functionality and automation, taking less time to deploy renewals and other tasks.

WHMCS comes in multiple languages with 10 translations included by default, and based in India, there could be a regional advantage to using WHMCS for ZNet customers.

WHMCS official add-ons include project management, iWHMCS iPhone app, aWHMCS Android app, licensing addon, live chat and visitor tracking, customizable packages and mobile addition.

According to the press release, ZNet provides dedicated support, strong documentation for addons, error-free modules and updated versions.

ZNet’s WHMCS renewal addon allows users to manage renewals with follow-up reminders and filtration with multiple search criteria. The upsell addon helps suggest an extended range of services to clients.

WHMCS profile addon asks various profile related questions to clients through a survey in the client area. The partner addon helps manage partners by creating various slabs and setting a discount percentage for each slab and product group, according to the press release.

“With WHMCSExtras addons, the web hosting companies can enhance their business,” Munesh Jadoun, founder and CEO of ZNet Technologies said in a statement. “These addons are developed by taking into consideration the needs of web hosting company. We are in the process of developing various addons and will soon release them in coming months.”

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