Yahoo Works with Google on End-to-End Email Encryption

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Yahoo is developing end-to-end email encryption, and working with Google to ensure the security of emails passing between the two providers, the company announced at the Black Hat security conference on Thursday. The security measures are expected to be implemented by 2015.

The encryption tool will be coded using OpenPGP, the same standard as Google, and Yahoo “is working closely with Google to ensure that [its] implementations of end-to-end encryption are compatible,” VP of Information Security Alex Stamos said in a statement according to TechCrunch. The encryption feature will eventually be native to Yahoo Mail mobile apps.

Google made its encryption move in June, and since then more details about NSA email snooping have been revealed, confirming that it is collecting personal communications on a massive scale which are considered useless for security purposes.

In late 2013 the New York Times reported that communications between data centers were being intercepted, providing another incentive for service providers like Google and Yahoo to collaborate.

Yahoo added encryption to its data center traffic and web properties earlier in 2014, and the company has dealt with additional challenges to its reputation from a third-party data breach in January.


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