WP Engine Launches Automated Tool for WordPress Site Migration


Recognizing what a pain migrating websites can be, WP Engine, a SaaS content management system for WordPress, has launched an automatic migration tool that helps users migrate existing WordPress websites to WP Engine’s platform.

WP Engine Automated Migration is available as a plugin and can help users migrate WordPress sites in as little as 30 minutes by reducing the number of technical steps, the company said in a statement on Monday.

The solution will also help prevent would-be customers from abandoning their shopping cart due to the unexpected expense of WordPress migration. WP Engine says its new solution reduces the costs typically associated with a full site migration while eliminating the need to pay an additional vendor to move a user’s site from point A to point B.

As a promotion to kick off its launch, WP Engine Automated Migration will be free for new customers who sign up for annual personal, professional or business plans with WP Engine.

“The length of time a migration takes will vary depending on the amount of data that is transferred. The average migration takes less than an hour,” WP Engine said in a blog post. “For sites with a small amount of data, the migration could take as little as 30 minutes. If you’ve got a huge site with tons of data, it could take up to 24 hours. Even if the data transfer takes a day, the amount of work that falls to you will take only about two minutes.”

By simplifying migration, WP Engine should be able to convert more WordPress users to paid users on its platform. Even though migration is free, annual plans still cost $29 per month for the personal plan. The free migration does provide a good incentive for WordPress users who have been looking for a more managed service.

Recently, WP Engine announced the Alpha project of WP Engine Search, powered by Elasticsearch, which is designed to give users access to more accurate search capabilities.

In March, WP Engine closed a $23 million funding round led by existing investor North Bridge Growth Equity, funding it plans to use towards its global growth and product innovation strategies.

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  1. It looks they have launched this tool for me. Just Kidding. I am a non-tech savvy guy and I am looking for a solution to migrate my website from my current host to WpEngine before I buy a hosting package from WpEngine. Looks I have found the right tool. Thanks for sharing the news. Going to buy their starter plan.

  2. Wow, Thanks for sharing information about WP Engine.I am pretty impressed with this... But can you tell me that if would this tool affect the server and website speed? Can we make creative websites in shorter periods using this tool? Thanks Vickie

  3. This is great news! With this automated site migration option, they will gain even more customers. WPEngine is definitely a solid web hosting providers, but their prices may scare away couple of customers who choose hosting provider based on price.

  4. WP Engine Automated Migration will be free only for new customers?