WordPress Host WP Engine Launches Checkpoint Restore Tool

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WordPress hosting provider WP Engine announced this week that it has launched a new tool that makes it easy for customers to restore their website to a recent working state should something, including human error, break the site.

One of the great advantages of using WordPress as a content management system is the incredible range of plug-ins available for adding new functionality to a blog or website. The downside of that world of opportunity (for both users and their service providers) is the potential for hiccups or mistakes in the installation of those services to disrupt or damage websites, leaving users scrambling to repair their sites, often leaning heavily on their service providers for assistance.

As a hosting provider focused on WordPress, WP Engine has spent time and development energy working to help alleviate that problem for its customers and its support resources. The company previously launched a “staging” feature, enabling users to test new plug-ins and code changes without fear of disrupting the public version of their sites.

The company says the new Restore Checkpoints lets users be bolder with the changes they make to their public sites.

Checkpoints are created every morning at 3AM, says WP Engine, and can also be created manually by customers (the company offers the analogy of a video game save). A list of recent checkpoints is displayed within a user’s control panel, and that user can restore the site to any one of them.

More details on the new tool are available in a blog post on the WP Engine website.

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