Windstream Hosted Solutions Offers Free Server Migration to Drive Cloud Adoption

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Windstream Hosted Solutions announced a partnership with Racemi on Tuesday that will help businesses move existing physical and virtual servers to the Windstream cloud.

Racemi offers server migration as a service via its Cloud Path SaaS platform. Through the partnership, Windstream will enable enterprise customers to continue normal business operations during the server migration.

“We know from experience with many businesses that manual, time-consuming cloud migration creates barriers to cloud entry,” Chris Nicolini, Windstream’s senior vice president of data center operations said. “We deliberately partnered with Racemi, given their history and experience in providing solutions that make cloud transitions seamless and efficient.”

The migration process is automated, and keeps the production server running with the data transfer happening in the background. Racemi Cloud Path’s self-service portal is integrated into Windstream’s cloud management portal, making it easy for customers to deploy a migration. Windstream is offering customers free migration of up to five existing servers to Windstream’s vCloud infrastructure.

Offering tools like free cloud server migration can alleviate a lot of the barriers preventing customers from adopting cloud services. Integrating the tool right into the self-service hosting portal is also a great way to ensure customers know it is available to them, although education is still needed.

Last year, Racemi formed a similar partnerhip with GoGrid where customers could migrate their existing server workloads to GoGrid’s cloud for free. Racemi partners also include Phoenix NAP, Rackspace and IBM SoftLayer where the SaaS company provides automated Linux or Windows server migration.

“Cloud migration can be daunting for many businesses, not only because of the complexity of the solutions, but also due to the perception that critical time and data may be lost during migrations,” Matt Preschern, senior vice president and enterprise chief marketing officer at Windstream said. “Windstream’s innovative migration option virtually eliminates concerns regarding downtime, and continues to support our ‘smart solutions, personalized service’ brand promise to our customers.”

This partnership announcement comes as Racemi is planning on raising $8.5 million in venture capital funding, according to a report by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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