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The WHIR: Cloud Talks, Episode 4 with David Snead

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The WHIR: Cloud Talks, Episode 4 with David Snead

This episode looks at what kind of legal threats service providers may get and how to deal with them. David also comments on the recent FCC net neutrality vote. Cheryl Kemp, content director of the WHIR, talks to David Snead, attorney and co-founder of Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

Show Notes:

David Snead’s site

Top 3 subjects of “nastygrams”: Copyright infringement, defamation/slander and trademark infringement

Need to triage when you receive a complaint

Safe Harbor Law for Copyright Infringement: Digital Millennium Copyright Act, David talks about the steps needed to comply later in the show

Microsoft Data Stored in Ireland Case

FCC Net Neutrality Vote

Internet Infrastructure Coalition

David’s Blog post on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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