OnApp announced on Thursday at WHD.global that it has open sourced the software it used to build its new consumer product CDN.net

WHD.global 2013: OnApp Open Sources Software Behind CDN.net Service

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CDN and cloud provider OnApp announced on Thursday at WHD.global that it has open sourced the software it used to build its new consumer product CDN.net.

Launched last week, CDN.net is a user customizable and usage-based CDN backed by its global cloud federation partners. 

OnApp chief commercial officer Kosten Metreweli tells the WHIR at WHD.global that the open source software will enable anyone to build a storefront for CDN services, driving more traffic to its federation. Before now, OnApp’s cloud federation was only available to companies running the OnApp Cloud platform. Today, it is opened up for any company to sell services on top of its cloud federation.

The software includes a ready-to-run customer portal, configuration and reporting tools, and billing functionality.

“This is huge news for anyone reselling legacy CDNs from vendors like Akamai, Level 3 and Limelight,” Stuart Simms, managing director of OnApp Federation said in a statement. “The OnApp federation is a diverse community of service providers, and now there’s an easy way to tap into that rich resource, and create unique CDN services based on whatever attributes are important to you and your customers – location, speed, quality and more. You can build CDNs across a handful of locations, or across the world; offer more attractive pricing for end users; and still get more margin than you would from legacy vendors, who have to recoup the cost of the entire network.”

While open source typically means free access and distribution, OnApp is including its software in new OnApp CDN package which will be offered for a monthly usage-based fee, but it says there is no long-term contract or minimum bandwidth requirements. More pricing details will be announced soon, according to OnApp, but it will be interesting to see how charging for software that is promoted as being  open source will affect adoption.

Existing OnApp Cloud and OnApp CDN customers can access the software for free.

“We want to keep it as open as we can,” Metreweli says.

Earlier this week at WHD.global, OnApp launched Cloud Leaders, its library of free research and advice from analysts and cloud providers.

Recently, OnApp launched OnApp Cloud v3.0 with support for VMware clouds, integrated SAN and CDN support for video on-demand and live streaming.

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