Breezi announced on Thursday that it has released its cPanel plugin and has signed on more than 30 initial web hosting partners

Website Builder Breezi Launches cPanel Plugin for Web Hosts


Website builder Breezi announced on Monday that it has released its cPanel plugin and has signed on more than 30 initial web hosting partners.

While most website builders offer web hosting, and perhaps indirectly compete with web hosts (a threat the WHIR covered in a recent feature), Breezi does not market competing hosting services in its retail channel.

The Breezi plugin is available to any web host at no charge, and with its revenue sharing program, web hosts get a commission once their customers upgrade from a free Breezi account to a paid Pro account, which costs customers $15 per month.

“We partner with hosting companies so they can offer this tool to their customers to help decrease churn and increase customer engagement,” Chris Anderson, Breezi co-founder told the WHIR in an interview at its recent San Jose networking event.

“There’s a lot of website builders on the market that are very low quality and because of that customers have not really adopted them,” Anderson added.

“With our tool you have a really high degree of design customization and easy management. It’s a visual interface so it’s much easier for customers to use compared to a lot of other tools,” he said.

Once a hosting company installs the plugin, customers can click on the Breezi icon in their cPanel account and begin creating a new website for free. First, they select a professionally designed theme, and then they are taken into the online visual website editor.

In the editor, content can be added through a library of apps, and the customer can modify the design and page layouts with granular control. To see a demo of how the editing works, visit Breezi’s website.

Once a customer is ready to publish their website Breezi says there is a simple FTP Syncing feature that syncs their website files over to a newly generated FTP user on their hosting account. The customer can log into their Breezi account anytime, directly through the cPanel plugin icon.

Along with its cPanel plugin, Breezi is also releasing a new proprietary technology called Device Optimizer which identifies the mobile site someone is viewing a website on.

“Almost every website builder has implemented their own flavor of responsive design. But every other platform has focused on simply optimizing the width and layout of websites displayed on mobile devices, to make sure a website looks good,” Anderson said. “That’s important – and we’ve incorporated width and layout optimization too – but we’ve gone a lot further and optimized the behaviors and gesture interactions that come into play when viewing and interacting with different types of content on various mobile devices.”

If customers have issues, they can contact Breezi’s support team by submitting a ticket via email, or if they have a pro account, can access live chat from 9am-6pm CDT.

More information on partnering with Breezi can be found on the partner page on its website.

The WHIR will be at the cPanel Conference in Houston, Texas this week. Check back for continued coverage.

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  1. Hi, I'm using your C-panel through Godaddy and some one needs to provide instructions to the companies selling this product. I received instructions from Godaddy and they were wrong. Most of the tech people had no clue how to move websites from existing hosting over to new hosting using Cpanel. I moved 25 accounts and the first 10 were nightmares. It needs instructions that work. Thanks Kris

  2. Thank you for sharing. I will consider to install it on my cpanel servers.

  3. Don't bother to install this because you will never get an Affiliate ID or access to you own Partner Account. We have installed and we spend 2 months to get only the ID and after that they never respond to email... no support, nothing. It's a crXp.

  4. Yes, but does it allow for hosting multiple sites. My web host allows for hosting multiple sites (subdomains), but can I use Breezi to build more than 1 site at a time?

  5. The c panel plugin definitely looks like it could have its advantages with web hosting and its also seems like something I do definitely want to be using in the future! The optimization from this plugin does look very promising!

  6. I like your sides

  7. nice ...! breezi provides c-panel at 15$ per month its very low.. thanks to breezi's