Web Hosts Pull Early Pranks for April Fools Day

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Despite the serious pressure to keep services online, respond to support tickets, and patch software, a lot of people in web hosting and cloud services are hilarious.

Knowing that people aren’t liable to believe everything they hear on April 1st, many web hosts have pulled pranks earlier in the hope of catching people off-guard. Here are some of the early spoofs that we thought were quite clever.

The .RobFord Top-Level Domain

Toronto-based domain services provider Name Ninja posted that they would be making domains ending in “.RobFord” available for those who want a domain associated with the city’s mayor who gained international attention for admitting to smoking crack-cocaine. Billed as a top-level domain that “will crack you up,” Name Ninja notes that the domain is populist (like Rob Ford) and will “tackle existing ‘elitist’ domains such as .com and .ca.”

Of course, this is just a joke, but if you believed it, you could blame this mistake – as Mayor Ford has done – on a “drunken stupor”.

The Pirate Bay’s Brain-Based P2P Service

For those who want to download intellectual property into their brain, Peer-2-Peer file directory The Pirate Bay has launched a neurological plugin that lets people experience movies, games and more first-hand as though they were the main character.

The Pirate Bay explains: “In cooperation with russian, israeli and japanese neuro scientists, we are developing a device that will embrace your entire mind. Using laser projections directly onto the retina it’ll no longer be any resolution but 100%. The sound will be delivered in a range from 12Hz to 79kHz and will cancel all noise from the outside world.”

UK cloud provider iomart Delivers Scents as a Service

Online publishing platform PageTiger (which is hosted by iomart) is allowing individuals to upload PDF documents to its publishing system and choose a TigAroma scent to create the mood they want people to experience while reading it. TigAroma apparently requires the hosting platform ‘Scented Solutions’ which is run on RapidSwitch dedicated servers at iomart’s Maidenhead data center.

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