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Web Hosting Sales and Promos Roundup – February 17, 2012

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In the week ending February 17, 2012, there were a few discounts on domains, including a special pricing offer on the .LU domain and .biz domains. Other promotions include a 50 percent discount offer on the GNAX cloud and a Exabytes contest where entrants could win an iPhone.

Domain Name Registrar EuroDNS Offers .LU Domain Discount

Domain name registrar EuroDNS is offering .LU domain names for €12.49 or about $16 US. The .LU domain is appropraite for companies and individuals in Luxenbourg. Those who want to purchase a .LU domain through EuroDNS should enter the promo code PRLU12A. The code is only valid for the next two weeks, EuroDNS says. Many businesses have their European headquarters in Luxembourg, including Facebook and Skype, and it is a member state of the European Union. It is also one of Europe’s largest financial centers.

Domain Registrar 123-reg Offers .BIZ Discounts

Domain registrar 123-reg is offering a promotion on its .BIZ domains during the month of February. For a limited time, its .BIZ domains are $4.73. In addition to the discount, entrants can submit their .BIZ websites for a contest, and the one judged the best by its panel of experts will win £1,000 ($1500 US). This contest is open until February 29, 2012.

Web Host GNAX Offers Limited Time Half Off Discount on its GNAX Cloud

Cloud hosting provider GNAX has released version 2.0 of its cloud with many new features, and for a limited time is offering 50 percent off. Its enhanced features include application templates where users can deploy many popular open source software application stacks from the GNAX public catalog. With GNAX cloud 2.0 users can provision huge VMs to run demanding applications and VMs, vApps and catalogs can be cloned and only the changes are stored in the virtual data center. To see the full feature list, go to its website. To order the GNAX cloud enter gcloud50082 at checkout.

Web Host Exabytes Launches “Journey to the Cloud, Like Exabytes Fan Page” Contest

Web hosting provider Exabytes launched a new contest this week to increase its number of Facebook fans. Prizes like an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, and an iPod Touch will be given away when its number of Facebook fans reaches different incremental tiers. Exabytes has set a target of reaching 10,000 fans before March 31, 2012. Contestants need to “like” Exabytes US fan page, tag eight friends and submit their contact details in a form on Facebook. Exabytes is encouraging multiple submissions.

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