HostColor offers its customers a custom web hosting plan

Web Hosting Provider HostColor Launches Custom Hosting Plans for Small Businesses

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Web hosting provider HostColor announced on Friday that it has launched a new shared hosting plan that allows its customers to customize a web hosting plan suited to their needs.

This news comes almost two months after HostColor add NetDNA content delivery network to its reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting services.

The plan enables website owners to add to their shopping cart only the items that they need and promises to optimize the cost of their web hosting, according to the press release.

While custom hosting plans are not a new innovation, they do allow web hosting customers more control over their web hosting plans. These types of plans would likely only appeal to a particular type of customer, such as one with a very specific budget, or with an exact infrastructure in mind for a particular project. Customers with less technical expertise would probably be more inclined to choose from an existing package that a web host has created.

Designed for small businesses that manage more than one website, HostColor allows customers to choose from a scale from 1 to 20 hosted sites. The next step is to choose between IP-based and name-based hosting account. With IP-based, all websites in the account are hosted on a dedicated IP address, while named-based means that all sites share the IP address of the host server system. HostColor says a dedicated IP is an important feature for websites that accept user registrations and process data, and is required for SSL certificate installation.

“Custom Hosting is the best small-business website solution offered by and one of the most advanced Shared Hosting service in the industry,” Martin Andreev, VP of operations of said in a statement. “This plan gives our customers full control over the service, allows them to design their own Shared accounts, to optimize resource usage and to decrease their costs for web hosting.”

Customers can choose the amount of disc storage and bandwidth quotas, starting with 1 GB and scaling to 100 GB of RAID 10 protected storage and Internet bandwidth, respectively.

Custom hosting plan users can add a particular amount of CDN bandwidth to optimize web pages, SSL certificates, and SSH. Users can choose between several hosting management and site administration services like cPanel to cPanel migration, software installation, debugging and fixes, and fully managed shared account which allows the account owner to outsource the administration and management to HostColor.

SEO service FastSEO can be added to the customer’s account as well, where a SEO professional reviews the customers website and helps the site owner optimize the website for higher ranking in search engine results.

Customers can add POP3/IMAP email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and subdomains.

According to HostColor’s website, custom hosting plans start at $1.50 per month.

In 2010, HostColor launched its cloud hosting services.

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