Web host ZippyKid launches private beta of WordPress management tool MyZippyKid

Web Host ZippyKid Launches Beta of WordPress Management Tool


Managed WordPress hosting provider ZippyKid announced on Wednesday that it has launched the private beta of its WordPress management tool, MyZippyKid.

MyZippyKid allows users to sign-in using their Facebook or Google  account, create unlimited test sites, and only pay for hosting once the site is live. The tool also enables multi-user collaboration to accelerate website development and management. It also includes ZippyClone, which enables customers to take any site, and launch as many copies as they want, according to the press release.

Based in San Antonio, ZippyKid was founded in May 2010 and offers exclusively WordPress hosting using Rackspace cloud servers to more than 4,000 sites. ZippyKid says that “while other hosting companies will install a caching plugin for you and call it a day, we call that a start.”

This news comes a day after web hosting provider Go Daddy announced that its app installer Hosting Connection had installed two million WordPress sites.

Recently, the WHIR looked at what type of features WordPress hosting customers want and one of them is affordability since WordPress itself is free. What ZippyKid is doing with MyZippyKid is a good example of this since customers don’t pay anything until their sites are live.

In a blog post, ZippyKid founder Vid Luther says that MyZippyKid was the result of analyzing more than 7,000 help desk tickets, emails and presales and support phone calls.

According to the press release, MyZippyKid’s collaboration functionality allows programmers to work together on WordPress sites with an invite, avoiding hunting for FTP credentials. It also means never having to send sensitive information over email, ZippyKid says.

ZippyClone is a time-saving alternative for clients forced to use the same base template to create multiple sites to suit specific verticals by allowing customers to take any site on ZippyKid, edit it, and launch as many copies as they need.

MyZippyKid add-ons make it simple to purchase, attach and install products like SSL certificates, premium WordPress themes, domain names and more.

Talk back: What do you think of the social sign-in feature in MyZippyKid? Are there other features that you think would be useful for your WordPress hosting customers? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I should have said this in the 1st post however I have some feedback that I think would be helpful. If every WordPress setup came stock with all of the studio press and woo themes that would be something that would make most people's lives easier. Including the staff in addition I would use DNS that is managed by Zippy kid allows the customer to make quick changes. For instance let's say you want to verify Google account something similar to that. However you'd have the reassurance of the managed provider there to guide customers that might not be familiar with DNS. I also believe the holy Grail of getting customers is free migrations. I do understand that there are a lot of complications of that including the fact that these guys like the other managed WordPress hosts to do month-to-month instead of contracts which I believe is very smart so there would be a small percentage of people I believe that you would unfortunately spend your migrating their website to yours only to have them leave. However if you're the only game in town who offers free migrations the customer is less likely to leave and pay a migration fee.

  2. I can tell you firsthand it is excellent service and especially if you're working more than one person on a website doing SEO or web design that allows you to add collaborators and give them login rights instantly. I must also say Zippy kid is really good as far as what you get for the money. A content delivery network standard along with Akismet, gravity forms and any woo theme or studio press theme you wish. All in all there are great company I use WP engine, Page.ly, synthesis & Zippy Kid and can say I am very pleased with the way everyone and Zippy kid is handled my clients and myself that matters a lot to me. I'm not saying the others aren't excellent as well but for $25 a month I don't know of any other deal where you get so much.