Web Host XO Communications Launches On-Demand Concentric Cloud Services

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Web hosting company XO Communications announced on Tuesday it has launched Concentric Cloud Solutions, which includes new cloud computing, content acceleration, and cloud voice solutions for businesses.

By offering a wide range of cloud services on a pay-as-you-go model, web hosting companies can differentiate their offerings with flexible, scalable services.

These cloud services are designed to help customers quickly and cost-effectively deploy and manage infrastructure and services they need in order to accelerate performance without significant capital expenditures.

The launch of the cloud services is a part of XO’s rebranding strategy, in which it recently launched a new logo, tagline and mandate that reflects its focus on providing the best customer experience.

“Concentric Cloud Solutions represents the next step for XO Communications’ cloud services strategy,” said Mike Toplisek, president of Concentric Cloud Solutions. “Through our own technology and the partnerships we have established, Concentric Cloud Solutions offers customers best-of-breed cloud-based solutions for their mission-critical virtualized environments, website acceleration and interactive voice needs. Our cloud-based solutions allow companies to spend more time building their businesses and less time maintaining their infrastructures.”

Concentric Cloud Solutions uses its own cloud-based technology, along with technology from partners including Limelight Networks, LiveOps, and VCE, and the XO nationwide network to offer customers cloud computing, content acceleration, and cloud voice services.

The new services are available through an on-demand model to support the rapid deployment of virtualized environments and services.

Concentric cloud computing services provide secure, high-performance, on-demand, usage-based infrastructure for enterprises’ hosting, application services, data backup and storage needs.

These services offer flexible and scalable platforms that easily adapt to changing customer needs, enabling businesses to use resources more efficiently, while reducing capital and operating costs.

The services include on-demand enterprise cloud services, managed services, cloud storage, cloud backup and disaster recovery provides backup of servers, desktops, and laptops via the cloud or a LAN-based backup device, and cloud hosting.

The second group of services is Concentric content acceleration services, which enable businesses to accelerate the delivery of digital media, online content, and mobile and web-based applications.

These services include content caching, which accelerate the delivery of static website content that is downloaded repeatedly, application acceleration, which speeds up the delivery of dynamic content for customized information portals, e-commerce apps, social media services and other online tools, and video streaming, which enables the transmission of video content such as stored webcasts and movies.

The final group of services is Concentric cloud voice services are a suite of cloud-based capabilities that facilitate large volumes of inbound and outbound communications.

These include the Cloud Contact Center, interactive voice response, intelligent call routing, conferencing, and Concentric Connect.

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