A chart taken from Nimble Storage's website shows the specs of its CS-series storage arrays

Web Host webHOSTING.net Improves Data Backup Using Nimble Storage Array

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Web hosting provider webHOSTING.net announced on Tuesday that it will use Nimble Storage arrays in delivering hosted services for networking infrastructure, virtual desktops, and disaster recovery.

According to the press release, Nimble storage arrays use a patented technology called Cache Accelerate Sequential Layout to achieve performance through use of solid-state and high-capacity drives. Last week, the WHIR talked to Yottaa CEO Coach Wei about the value that a patent can add from both a customers perspective, and from the need for a service provider to protect unique intellectual property.

Other web hosting providers offering similar services may want to use Nimble storage array. According to Nimble’s partner information page, resellers of its storage solutions can drive growth and profit through adding its technology to their portfolio. For more information on becoming a Nimble partner, go to Nimble’s website.

Webhosting.net says it chose Nimble arrays because they deliver SSD-accelerated performance without the high costs. Its always-on compression helps service providers derive maximum utilization from the array, according to the press release.

“Its price-performance ratio gave Nimble a clear edge in our selection of a storage, backup and DR platform for our hosted services,” Jose Uribe, chief operating officer for webHOSTING.net said in a statement. “Storage administrators continually face the need to balance I/O performance with capacity, but, unlike other vendors, Nimble does not force any compromises. Our Nimble array runs processes such as Exchange, SharePoint, and virtual servers, and nothing we throw at it degrades performance. And, with all that, we’re using just over one-quarter of capacity. That’s great news, both for us and our customers.”

webHOSTING.net will offer server and storage resources to host customers’ virtualized infrastructure, as well as applications such as Exchange and SQL. It will provide hosted VDI with multiple virtual desktops consolidated on a Nimble array and will replicate data from customers’ current primary storage devices or on-premise Nimble arrays to Nimble arrays hosted offsite for data center recovery.

According to the press release, data protection is built into each Nimble-based system configuration, and its command console is easy to use for webHOSTING.net’s management of these services.

Talk back: Would you consider using Nimble storage arrays? Why or why not? If you use it, what do you think about its performance? Let us know in the comments.

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