Web Host Voxel Integrates Hosted Chef for Cloud Infrastructure Automation

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Cloud hosting provider Voxel (www.voxel.net) announced on Wednesday that it has integrated Hosted Chef from Opscode (www.opscode.com) into its management platforms for automation of cloud infrastructure.

Hosted Chef became publicly available on Tuesday. Opscode made the announcement on Tuesday at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, California. Voxel was part of the beta of the hosted platform before integrating it into its systems.

According to the press release, Hosted Chef is a cloud structure automation tool that uses code to express the design of infrastructure to enable repeatability. Voxel says it meshes with its infrastructure and on-demand application environments.

Customers can run their own custom deployment across the Voxel infrastructure, according to the announcement.

“We want our customers to be able to leverage the automation built into our platform to deploy and manage complete application environments, not just servers and images,” Raj Dutt, Voxel founder and chief technology officer said in a statement. “We needed an open solution that we could build upon – something that would give our customers the ability to mix and match different platforms, management levels, and contract terms to get an infrastructure fabric that fits their overall business needs.”

According to a report by Data Center Knowledge, Chef has become one of the key tools for configuration management for fast-growing infrastructures.

Zachary Smith, chief operations officer at Voxel, says that Hosted Chef allows for scalable application environments.

In March, Voxel completed a Series A $5.5. million capital round.

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