Vexxhost has launched its WHMCS module for cloud resellers

Web Host Vexxhost Launches Cloud Reseller API and Modules

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Web hosting provider Vexxhost announced on Tuesday that it has launched its cloud reseller API and modules. According to a blog post, the initial launch of the modules includes a WHMCS module that allows any company to offer cloud servers in a white-label environments.

This announcement comes a year after Vexxhost launched its cloud hosting platform for developers to create Linux or Windows servers instantly.

Vexxhost says with its cloud server reseller system, hosting companies can offer servers with cPanel included at a competitive price. Resellers can offer cPanel-based servers to customers at low prices as well.

As a partner of Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement program, Vexxhost says it has low pricing for leasing Windows Server licenses, and resellers can pass the low prices to their customers to convert more sales and start offering Windows servers without entering into a long-term agreement. In March, the WHIR investigated how the Microsoft SPLA licensing model and agreement for web hosts works.

Vexxhost says it provides full set-up assistance to its resellers, and resellers get one dedicated account manager that will help them from the setup of initial control panel to setting up a customized order form.

The WHMCS module automatically provisions, terminates, suspends, and renews accounts in the reseller system.

With its billing system modules, Vexxhost includes a full version of its control panel that can bu customized using templates and offers all features of its control panel including firewall management, console access, full power control, password resets, activity logs, and performance graphs.

Talk back: Are you offering reseller cloud hosting? If you’re not, is Vexxhost’s model appealing to you? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Chris M.

    They were a joke and promptly disappeared. Lasted just long enough and pushed just hard enough to get integrated into my system and get me depending on them before falling apart.