Web Host Verio Launches Small Business Cloud Hosting for Resellers Based on Citrix CloudStack

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Reseller-focused web hosting provider Verio said this week that it has launched its “Cloudn” cloud hosting service, built on Citrix Systems’ CloudStack technology, and aimed at Verio’s reseller channel.

The new Verio cloud hosting service is aimed at less technical small business customers, offering a simple to use portal, a catalog of pre-defined VM images, and a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. The product is launching this week with free limited inbound and outbound traffic for a limited time.

Verio says its Cloudn cloud hosting service is available immediately to the company’s reseller partners, providing them with a means of supplying cloud hosting services to their own customers. What’s more, Verio says its cloud services are aimed not at the large enterprise or developer customers, but at the SMB customers that make up the bulk of its resellers’ audience.

“We feel like a large amount of the cloud market has been addressed by some of the other vendors in the space,” says Ivan Hurtt, Verio’s senior cloud product manager, in an interview with the WHIR. “But it has primarily been at the medium to large enterprise level, where they have a development staff – people that have very technical people on staff that can take advantage of rich APIs. But they have not focused on the small business at all. And frankly, they’re the ones that need the cost savings that come with cloud more than anyone else.”

The appetite for cloud hosting services among customers is an obvious and significant influence in the hosting space right now, but many smaller hosts used to relying on reseller services are still trying to figure out what their entry into the cloud is going to be. At the moment, though companies including Rackspace and others are offering reseller solutions, there isn’t a product that could really be described as the de facto cloud product for resellers.

In February, SingleHop updated its Tandem reseller program to include a reseller cloud hosting product based on the company’s cloud.

Hurtt says Verio was focused on building a cloud for anyone offering reseller tools, rather than focus exclusively on the company’s existing audience, assuming that a reseller cloud hosting product that met the needs of a larger audience would also fit existing Verio partners’ needs.

“We felt like if we built a product that any reseller who is trying to grow in the cloud market, who is trying to help organizations that want to outsource elements of their IT – if we built a product that a partner would want to use for that, then our current partners should also fall into that,” he says.

While the Cloudn service seems to be distributed only through the company’s resellers it seems small businesses learn about Verio’s cloud hosting services directly. The company’s site includes a price calculator, and the option to chat with an expert about the service.

Verio says the Cloudn service is built on Citrix CloudStack technology, an open source platform for building out cloud infrastructure. Last week Citrix placed the CloudStack cloud software project under the management of the Apache Software Foundation, putting it in front of one of the stronger communities of open-source developers.

CloudStack has become a notable player in the cloud hosting space however. Earlier this week, web hosting provider Datapipe announced its own support for CloudStack.

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