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Web Host SunGard Provides Cloud Backup through AWS Direct Connect

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Web hosting provider SunGard Availability Services announced on Wednesday that it will provide cloud backup through Amazon’s Direct Connect service to Amazon Web Services and SunGard cloud customers.

SunGard will provide “LAN-like” connectivity from AWS’ east coast data centers to the SunGard Enterprise Cloud, according to the press release, enabling SunGard to provide customers with disaster recovery between SunGard and AWS.

The new service is in technical preview availability and allows customers to use the AWS Storage Gateway, a software appliance with cloud-based storage using Amazon S3 to write customer data bi-directionally between SunGard Enterprise Cloud and AWS storage infrastructure. SunGard Availability Services has more than 9,000 customers worldwide, and these customers will benefit from an expanded infrastructure for cloud backup.

According to the press release, SunGard will offer a broad set of cloud solutions on AWS to their customers for production and test/dev environments, which allows customers to choose from different cloud platforms based on their application needs.

“This is a complementary relationship that will have wide-reaching benefits for both organizations and our customers,” Indu Kodukula, chief technology officer, SunGard Availability Services said in a statement. “Amazon Web Services is a leading global cloud provider. SunGard is a leader in reliability, with over a decade of managed service informed by three decades of being the world’s leading DR provider. Working with Amazon Web Services means bringing those two worlds together and providing customers of both organizations a more comprehensive range of cloud-based services.”

For additional information on the technical preview, email

SunGard says this is the first phase of the partnership, so additional features may be added later this year.

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  1. Carbonsi

    This is good news as customers will be benefited with some good speed and even the company will be able to offer efficient customer service.