Web Host SunGard Adds New Features to Enterprise Cloud Services

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Web hosting company SunGard Availability Services announced on Wednesday it has expanded its Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio with the addition of its new managed workflow feature and non-managed virtual machine option.

The move comes a few weeks after SunGard provided disaster recovery services to several of its customers who were impacted by the Boston Back Bay electrical fire on March 13.

The new feature further improves the built-in resilience of SunGard’s enterprise-ready Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering by helping customers reduce the risk and exposure associated with making system changes to live cloud environments.

SunGard has also added a non-managed virtual machine option that customers can use for non-mission critical environments.

With managed workflow, SunGard customers can work within the cloud portal to modify their infrastructure, such as adding new virtual machines, storage, or changing the firewall policy to address a security vulnerability.

A SunGard cloud expert reviews the request, then recommends modifications if needed to help ensure availability. Any applicable changes are executed through IT automation, providing a safeguard against avoidable outages while still delivering rapid provisioning of new cloud service.

The SunGard Enterprise Cloud Services portal enables customers to view, manage and request compute resources on demand and review the change review via the portal.

SunGard cloud customers will also be able to view or manage non-managed virtual machines within their cloud environment.

The non-managed offering provides customers an environment for less critical systems, test and development, and non-production applications.

Customers can remotely log into these virtual machines and perform a wide range of administrative tasks such as restarting a VM or applying a patch.

“We consistently apply the knowledge we gain from working with our customers to evolve our cloud solutions,” said Rob Walters, vice president of SunGard Availability Services. “Organizations choose SunGard Enterprise Cloud Services because it’s a secure, fully managed, enterprise-ready solution. We incorporated a workflow feature into our portal to ensure the highest levels of performance, availability and security during changes to a critical environment. Many customers also want to leverage our cloud for less critical applications or non-production use cases.”

SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Services are an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering where SunGard manages availability and security of compute, network and storage resources, delivering higher efficiency and availability for customer production applications.

The cloud services also include a managed multi-site recovery option which provides a secondary cloud site for recovery – operational within four hours – in the event that the primary cloud site experience an outage.

In February, SunGard expanded its cloud services to Canada with the launch of its first Canadian-based cloud computing delivery center.

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