Web Host SoftLayer, RightScale Provides Automated Cloud Management Solution

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Web hosting company SoftLayer Technologies and cloud management software provider RightScale announced on Tuesday they have partnered to provide scalability and automation solutions that allow companies to speed their time to market.

The move comes a couple of weeks after RightScale announced it will offer support for HP Cloud as one of the public cloud choices available for management.

The partnership is beneficial for both SoftLayer and RightScale as it provides SoftLayer with another add-on service to differentiate its offerings, while RightScale is able to broaden its market reach to a new set of customers.

SoftLayer’s cloud hosting service integrated with RightScale  is designed for those customers that need to easily scale IT resources to meet the toughest workloads or greatest Internet traffic demands.

This helps enable users to rapidly rollout new web-based services, applications and games through a flexible monthly billing cycle.

Companies such as social gaming developer Broken Bulb Game Studios are using SoftLayer’s public and private cloud infrastructure with RightScale cloud management to deploy, automate and manage its computing workloads across the globe.

The partnership offering allows companies to choose and deploy workloads on SoftLayer’s global cloud infrastructure, which spans 13 data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, with RightScale cloud management.

RightScale increases IT efficiency by enabling faster cloud on-boarding and greater automation with pre-built ServerTemplates.

COmpanies will also have access to the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace for ready-to-run, customizable templates, scripts and architectures from RightScale and its partners.

“Being able to achieve a faster time to market and scale rapidly is critical for companies to succeed in today’s business environment,” said Bailey Caldwell, vice president of business development at RightScale. “SoftLayer understands these needs, and has built a world-class global infrastructure that delivers flexibility and scalability.  We’re thrilled about this partnership and we’re already seeing great synergy with SoftLayer cloud solutions managed with RightScale cloud management.”

SoftLayer’s CloudLayer services allow users to seamlessly integrate virtual and dedicated computing resources, creating a hybrid environment that delivers greater flexibility.

The offering allows users to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, control and scalability by being able to manage their SoftLayer cloud workloads through a single customer portal and API.

“Customers, such as Broken Bulb, are now experiencing the advantages of working with two leading cloud solutions providers,” said Duke Skarda, chief technology officer of SoftLayer. “The combination of SoftLayer and RightScale delivers exactly what companies need to effectively manage large-scale cloud infrastructure.”

Last week, SoftLayer launched its new high-performance computing cloud-enabled solution consisting of servers powered by NVIDIA graphics processing units.

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