Web Host SingleHop Extends Control Panel Functionality with Mobile App Redesign

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Web hosting company SingleHop announced on Monday it has released its entirely redesigned mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, which extends all the functionality of its infrastructure management platform LEAP3 to users’ smart phones.

For a hosting customer, the ability to manage their infrastructure, anywhere and at anytime, is one of the most important aspects. Web hosting companies that are able to provide a control panel that offers this kind of flexibility to their customers will certainly have a competitive edge over its rivals.

The move comes a week after SingleHop completed a $27.5 million funding round led by Battery Ventures.

The new app offers complete design continuity with the web-based version of LEAP allowing users to easily navigate the first time they login, enabling users to access over 100 fully automated features.

“We know that when it comes to IT infrastructure, when things stop working the way they’re supposed to, it’s usually at the most inopportune time,” said Andy Pace, chief operating officer. “We wanted to give our customers complete control, whether they are in the middle of a meeting or the backseat of a cab.”

The newly designed LEAP Mobile app provides many capabilities, such as the ability to quickly manage infrastructure, deploy, restart, restore, reinstall, load balance, clone, suspend, manage and control all aspects of service, manage servers, cloud instances, and private clouds, view and submit technical support tickets, and access all current and past invoices.

SingleHop senior product manager Marc Bollinger said the goal of the “app was to have high functionality blended with an absolutely seamless user experience.”

SingleHop recently added more automated features for its Customer Bill of Rights, which it has been marketing as a “friendlier” service level agreement.

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