ServInt Increases Affiliate Partner Payouts to Up to $799

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Web hosting provider ServInt announced on Wednesday it has expanded the payment plan for its PowerPartner affiliate marketing program.

With the upgrade, there is no limit as to the amount that PowerPartners can earn.

That is, every referral fee equals the first full month of service for the reffered server at the base price, and the base price for service packages can reach as high as $799 per month.

ServInt says its custom shop ordering system, which it introduced last month to cater to the needs of ServInt’s hosting resellers, makes it easier for referrals to earn money.

Through the custom shop, PowerPartners can pre-fill ordering pages for the hosting packages they recommend, and provide email links that will direct referral customers to those pages.

Becoming a PowerPartner is free, and members do not have to be a ServInt customer.

PowerPartners are provided their own newsletter from ServInt called “Fusion” that shares strategic advice on how they can maximize their referral payments.

Members will also have access to a dedicated program manager who will take in their feedback in an effort to constantly improve the program.

“As a company that thrives on its word-of-mouth reputation, our affiliate community is central to our marketing strategy,” said ServInt vice president of marketing Fritz Stolzenbach. “The PowerPartner program and the Custom Shop give our affiliates the tools they need and the referral awards they deserve.”

Last month, ServInt’s auto-scaling cloud PaaS service Jelastic began offering support for all PHP applications, as well as the Java apps it already runs.

Talk back: Are you currently a ServInt PowerPartner? Are you now considering becoming one with the expansion of its payment plan? Are you currently offering an affiliate program? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. We do have an affiliate program but we have not officially launched it. Most of our affiliates prefer to refer clients directly. Our main affiliates are our existing happy customers. They are satisfied with our support and service so they do not hesitate to recommend our services to others. Our affiliate program is getting popular through word-of-mouth. :)